About Munn Outdoor Advertising


Looking for Billboards in Mississippi?

Attract more guests and customers to your business by installing unique and eye-catching billboards with the help of Munn Outdoor Advertising, INC. in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Our team aims to improve your advertising by providing quality design, fabrication, and installation of billboards throughout the southeastern United States and nationally through a network of trusted providers.


Where can I find billboard advertising near me?
Unlike national billboard companies, Munn Outdoor allows you to rent a billboard with competitive billboard pricing and quality, personal customer service so that you can send a message to thousands of people every day. Looking for billboard sites? Billboards in Laurel, Yazoo City, and Hattiesburg can help you strengthen your business and your message.
Why should I rent a billboard? What is the purpose of Billboard advertising/marketing?
Billboards are designed to capture the consumers attention very quickly. A very visible well created advertisement that will stimulate visually at a passing view.
How effective is Billboard advertising/marketing?
According to studies, 71% of Americans look at the messages on billboards as they travel.
How many people see Billboards every day?
We use the Mississippi Department of Transportation data to determine the daily traffic count by each billboard Munn Outdoor owns.
Who will design my outdoor advertisement?
Munn Outdoor has its our on team of graphic designers that will work with each customer to produce quality artwork for advertising needs.
How does the billboard invoicing/billing system work?
We bill each customer monthly.
How long are local billboards leased or rented?
Munn Outdoor rents/leases billboards on a 12 month or longer lease program. However, we can make exceptions for special events.